Our Team

M Walshin – President/CEO/Co-Founder

M Walshin has over 5 years of experience in the CBD and Hemp industry on the operations side of farming. Additionally, he consults on land development and biomass processing. His network of key players within the industry is second to none, and his connections to top legal, entrepreneurial and business leaders inside the markets make Matthew an indispensable asset.

As one of the initial founders of the Safex.io platform, Matthew has a deep understanding of the markets and knows that with the rise of digital currency, it is essential that a crypto-currency specific to Hemp and CBD is designed in order to bridge the gap. His role in the company is to aid in daily operations and management, with a focus on contracting farmers and distribution channels to ensure that the right team is in place.

His passion comes from his enthusiasm for numbers, the hemp plant and the potential for CBDs to change and enhance lives.


Imhotep I. AlBasiel MSc. OMD – CIO/Co-Founder

Imhotep got his start working in business development and IT Admin for Mansur Salame at Contactual. He later gained deep insight in software development and venture funding from Larry G. Mohr (founder of Mdv.com and an early apple seed fund investor).

Imhotep worked with Dell Hinds (founder/CEO at Q-Bank Group and BMN) on classified government contracts with DARPA and MIT media labs. He was one of the early seed investors and a founding member Safex.io cryptocurrency and a longtime collaborator with the founder Daniel Dabek.


Shelly O’Neill – Chief Media Officer

Seasoned international event producer, President/CEO of Los Angeles based boutique special events and marketing firm Rootz Media. Experienced in building and managing teams of up to 100 personnel working at local, regional and global levels. Specializing in corporate brand activation and celebrity talent relations.

Widely regarded as a strategic problem solver with an impeccable work ethic and interpersonal skills. Ms. O’Neill has worked side by side with artists and Icons such as The Black Eyed Peas, A Tribe Called Quest, Ky-Mani Marley, Ziggy Marley, De La Soul, Poncho Sanchez, Sergio Mendes, godfather of Techno “Magic” Juan Atkins, Christen Lien, Hugh Masekala and Moby to name a few.

Additionally, her philanthropic endeavors include NextAid, The Bob and Rita Marley Foundations, Concerts for Earth Foundation and The World Peace for Life Foundation. Ms. O’Neill was chosen to curate talent invites for The White House during President Obama’s administration. When it comes to a personal touch with artist relations and corporate brand activations Ms. O’Neill over delivers.


Egon Hyszczak – CTO

Systems Administrator, Software Engineer, Data Scientist, Application Developer, and all-around Hacker. Egon wears many hats; he loves learning, teaching, and the problem-solving process.

Constantly finding creative and elegant solutions to new challenges, Egon has worked as a software engineer for multiple US Universities and has done consulting for Facebook, IBM, and a small handful of startups. He currently works on research and development of new blockchain solutions for the next evolution of the Internet.


Daniel Dabek – Advisor

Mr. Dabek is from New York and co-founder of the Safe Exchange, a decentralized marketplace for digital assets and physical goods. Daniel dropped out of college at Fordham University in New York City after only 6 weeks. Instead, he went straight to work for a Wall Street trading company where he became acquainted with electronic trading markets and business strategies.

His passion for software engineering emerged when he decided that manually trading electronic markets were not ideal, and began to consult for U.S.-based hedge funds. His work involves scientific computing, natural language processing, peer-to-peer networking, distributed price analysis modeling, and prediction algorithm optimization.

He has produced several trading execution algorithms and price following systems that are still in use today. Proven experience, Safe Exchange went from $50,000 to $38,000,000 market cap in 18 months.